PAUL BOYD General Sessions Court Clerk

Paul BoydMy name is Paul Boyd. I served eight years as your Clerk in Probate Court. Now, I hope I can count on your support as the next General Sessions Court Clerk.

I'm for General Sessions Clerk because I know I can make a real difference. Shelby County General Sessions is the largest Court in the State. Thousands upon thousandsĀ of people come through every year and many without an attorney. It is more crucial here than almost anywhere else in local government, that you have staff that have a sensitive ear to the needs of those who walk through the door.

I have seen too many times people walk in and then walk out of their courtrooms and they are shell-shocked. People come to court but never get an opportunity to say their peace, and they feel like they got steamrolled by the system. It doesn't have to be that way and with time I can make some real changes.

I have three goals as your next General Sessions Clerk. My number one goal is to make sure everyone leaves our court believing that the justice system works the way it is supposed to. Secondly, we need to create an atmosphere where civil servants, whose salary you pay, are really there to serve. We can't fix all of government in one election, but we make incremental progress every chance we get. Finally, I want to help bring fiscal responsibility back to county government.


Paid for and Authorized by Committee to Elect Paul Boyd, Trey Watkins, Treasurer